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What Are The Common Manufacturing Techniques Of Needled Nonwoven?
Nov 29, 2017

The needle-punched nonwoven fabric is a kind of dry-process non-woven fabric, and the needle-punched non-woven fabric is used to strengthen the fluffy fiber net into cloth. Can be used for geotextile, Geomembrane, corduroy, speaker blanket, blanket cotton, embroidery cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas crafts, human leather fabric, filter materials special cloth.

Needle-punched Non-woven fabric common production process screen printing screen printing plate part of the hole can be through the ink, leakage printing to the substrate, the rest of the plate on the screen blocked, can not be through the ink, in the substrate to form a blank, to screen as a support body, the screen will be stretched on the screen frame, and then on the web coating photoptic glue, to form a photosensitive film, Then the Yang map bottom slab adhesive needle Non-woven fabric in the version of the film, exposure. The development, the printing plate does not need the ink part by the light forms the curing version membrane, will seal the net hole, the printing time does not pass through the ink, the printing plate needs the ink part the net hole not to be closed, the printing ink through, in the substrate material forms the black trace.

General printing can only be carried out in the plane, and screen printing can not only print on the plane, but also in the special shape of the type and concave and convex surface printing, but also can print a variety of large-scale advertising paintings, curtain, curtains. Screen printing ink thickness up to 30~100μm, therefore, the ink is particularly strong, can be in all Black paper for white printing. Screen printing ink layer thickness, printing graphics and text is strong, is the other printing methods can not be compared.

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