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Spunlace Nonwoven Concept
Nov 29, 2017

Spunlace Non-woven fabric, also called Spunlace Non-woven fabric, also known as "jet spray mesh into cloth." The concept of "jet spray mesh into cloth" comes from the mechanical acupuncture process.

The process is the fiber metering mix-open loose impurity-machine messy carding into network-fiber mesh pre-wet-water needle cross-surface treatment-drying-coiling-inspection-packaging storage. Jet Spraying network device is the use of high-speed flow of high-pressure water jet fiber network, so that fibers in the fiber network rearranged, intertwined with each other, into a complete structure, with a certain strength and other properties of Non-woven fabric. The physical properties of this spunlace Non-woven fabric are different from those of the common needle-punched nonwoven fabric, which is the only non-woven fabric that can make its final product similar to textiles, both in touch and performance.

The superiority of Spunlace method

There is no extrusion of the fiber net in the process of spunlaced process, thus improving the final product of the degree of expansion, not to use resin or adhesives, thus maintaining the inherent softness of the fiber network; The high integrity of the product avoids the fluffy phenomenon of the product; the fiber net has higher mechanical strength, and can reach the $number of textile strength. Fibre nets can be mixed with any kind of fiber. It is particularly worth mentioning that the spunlace fiber network can be combined with any fabric to make composite products.

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