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Performance Description Of Several Nonwoven Products
Nov 29, 2017

Lightweight Nonwoven Products

The degree of weight of nonwoven products while maintaining or improving especially for insulation and filtration performance-is crucial for many nonwovens manufacturing enterprises in the future. The cost of input materials accounts for the cost of the final product and is high in many applications. For example, car insulation has a continuous demand for reduced components in weight. The stress is therefore supposed to be in the use of finer fibers to increase the surface area of the fiber to a given quality and to develop innovative structures to improve performance without adding quality.

High specific strength Non-woven fabric

Because those mining infrastructures must endure the severe challenges of loading geotextile. Other applications of nonwoven fabrics, such as filters, and some building materials products, will also benefit from improved strength. The improved strength must be achieved without affecting the properties of other properties related to the fabric. Since the high proportion of the cost of the final product is attributable to the increased strength of the input fiber, it must be achieved without increasing the input of the material. An important challenge therefore is to find a way to achieve this goal, and to achieve equal intensity in each direction of the fabric.

Properties of Nonwoven fabrics for engineering

The two priority technologies mentioned above require specific structural features. More generally, there is a need to improve the performance of Non-woven products to better meet customer needs. Nonwoven performance, in practical applications, is determined by experience at the factory level. Projects based on more stringent process performance may result in significant savings and improved nonwoven properties such as isotropic strength, porosity, and volume.

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