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Our Company Take Part In The 123rd Canton Fair
May 17, 2018

The Canton Fair was held as scheduled. Until now, our company take part in The Canton Fair many times. This Canton Fair began in April, then it was closed in May. The Canton Fair is divided into three phases. Different phases corresponding to different products. So exporter and importer need select the right time to enter the Canton Fair. We were in the second phases. So you may see us in the second phases. On April 23, we have already set up the exhibition. Our product were on the shelf. This is our early work. And the next day, the Canton Fair began. 

It is for five days. Every day we need welcome the customers from the different places. We did our best to serve the foreign friend. In general, business is our topic. About the details for product, such as size, gsm, material and so on. And then price is the next topic. Maybe we would talk about the price many times. It is important for both of us.

Actually, almost all buyers have one same purpose. Finding the best seller. Yes, it is true. And we are! It is also true. Welcome to our booth!广交会图片2.jpg

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