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Anti-static Safety Of Spunlace Nonwoven Production
Nov 29, 2017

Spunlace Non-woven Fabrics and other chemical fiber production process, equipment and chemical fiber or chemical fiber contact friction, as well as in compression, stretching, even in the air drying, will produce electrification phenomenon. Most of the chemical fiber raw materials and semi-finished products resistivity is greater than 1x109ω m, the resulting static charge is not easy to leak, easy to form electrostatic accumulation.

Harm of static electricity of spunlace nonwoven fiber

When there is a potential difference between the human and other objects, the human body suffers from electric shocks, causing mental stress and other phenomena, and may cause two accidents.

Electrostatic caused by the exclusion and attraction, even if the electrostatic position is not high, will also cause the proliferation of fibers, increase the fly, winding rollers and rollers, and so on, increase the beheading, resulting in abnormal production.

Chemical fiber with electrostatic, easy to absorb dust, etc., affect the quality of chemical fiber.

Production Spunlace Non-woven fabric, in the open fiber process, the tight pressure of the fiber by a variety of impact, friction generated static charge, so that the loose fiber affixed to the frame, pipe, etc., resulting in uneven fiber thickness, affecting the unevenness of the product. Electrostatic effect, a large number of chemical fiber dust flying, resulting in pollution to the production environment.

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