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Anti-fouling Techniques Of Spunlace Nonwoven Products
Nov 29, 2017

Spunlace Non-woven fabric as a non-woven fabric, its own products to poly-acrylic resin as the main production materials, light and thin. and PP resin does not absorb water content of 0, the product is good at water extraction, and composed of 100% fiber, porous, product permeability is good, easy to maintain dry cloth. Products with water extraction, mildew and can isolate the presence of bacteria and insects in the liquid erosion. Although Spunlace Non-woven fabric has a lot of advantages, but it still exists in general product characteristics, is easy to dirty, so spunlace non-woven pollution control techniques are particularly important.

Oil-repellent Finishing

The liquid contaminant is first stained on the fiber surface by wetting, and then through the capillary action to the fabric inside, between the fiber and the stain between the yarn. The principle is similar to the wettability and infiltration of water on the surface of the fiber, but the surface tension of the oily liquid contaminant is usually smaller than that of water, so the wetting ability of the liquid contaminant to the nonwoven fabric is strong.

In order to prevent such substances in spunlace non-woven fiber surface wetting, spreading, the critical surface tension on the surface of the fiber at least less than the above-mentioned dirt surface tension, in order to have a resistance to oil performance, so that the above-mentioned dirt to produce resistant ability to prevent its adhesion on the surface of the fiber.

Easy decontamination and finishing

Spunlace Non-woven cloth on the actual stain on the dirt is generally composed of liquid and particles.

The purpose of easy decontamination and finishing is to make the oily liquid dirt of hydrophobic fiber easy to be removed, and because the liquid dirt is often used as the carrier and binder of the granule, if the liquid dirt is easy to wash away, then the particulate matter will be easily removed. Dirt from the surface of Non-woven, in addition to washing conditions and other factors, mainly depends on the surface of the fiber critical surface tension, That is, with spunlace non-woven fabric of this kind of nonwoven surface can be concerned. Fabric both easy to decontamination and can resist dampness in the stain performance, it in the liquid phase medium has a very high humidity, and in the air medium and the common oily dirt has very low interface energy, in order to have very good anti-fouling effect.

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