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Advantages Of Non-woven Cloth
Nov 29, 2017

Non-woven cloth as a green low-carbon environmental protection industry, the new product, began to step into our life and bring many conveniences to our daily life. What are the advantages of non-woven cloth cleaning cloth? Let's take a look at its product features today.

First of all, the effect of oil removal. Non-woven cloth is made of lipophilic fiber, can be used in contact with oily substances quickly adsorption, also reduce the fine surface friction.

Secondly, it has obvious effect of absorbing dust. Quickly and efficiently absorb dirt and dust to reduce the trouble of cleaning.

The third is its versatility, in addition to home cleaning, but also wipe the DSL, PSP fuselage and screen, LCD display, computer TV display, camera lens, precision instrument surface, automobile and CD-ROM and other items.

Finally, there is a clear advantage is environmental protection, it can be repeated many times cleaning, multiple use, more in line with the concept of environmental protection.

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