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The reason why Non-woven fabric becomes soft
Nov 29, 2017

1, carat gram law:

The first operation of the Carat method in Papermaking property, and then transplanted in the wet-process non-woven fabric, is the Sanforai pre-shrinkage liquidation. The following diagram, after processing, the Non-woven fabric can obtain excellent flexibility, and improve the feel. The liquidation of the method depends on the thickness, elasticity, fiber characteristics, pressure, fiber net structure and heat and humidity condition of the rubber belt.

2, Michelex Method:

The Michelex method is very strong in extrusion of PP Non-woven fabric, in order to improve the optimum flexibility of nonwoven fabric, the paper introduces the wrinkle of Nonwoven fabric, the delay of nonwoven fabric, the increase of unit area component and general product, and the comparison with Carat gram method. The wrinkle of the Michelex method can be measured by means of process optics, measuring the growth degree of the unit area or measuring the elongation of non-woven fabric to test the crepe number and evaluate it. Therefore, the liquidation of this method depends largely on the geometrical dimension of crepe area and the input and output speed of PP nonwoven fabric.

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