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The development course of non-woven fabric
Nov 29, 2017

Non-woven fabric of the development of the first stage: the early 40 $number years, the germination period. Most of the equipment is made of off-the-shelf textile equipment, or properly modified to use natural fibres.

Non-woven fabric development process The second stage: The end of the late 50 60°c era, commercial production. Mainly using dry technology and wet method technology, a large number of chemical fiber.

The third stage of the development of non-woven fabrics: The late 70, the early IBP era, the development of an important period. The production line of polymerization extrusion process was born. Use a variety of special chemical fiber. such as low melting point fiber, hot bonding fiber, two-component fiber, superfine fiber and so on.

Non-woven fabric Development Phase IV: The early 90 to date, the global development period. Non-woven enterprises through mergers, alliances, reorganization of the trend of strengthening, more advanced technology, more sophisticated equipment, production capacity greatly improved.

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