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Principle of needle-punched nonwoven processing
Nov 29, 2017

The production of Non-woven fabric by acupuncture is entirely through a mechanical action, that is, the needle puncture effect of the acupuncture machine, the fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement and the strength. The rationale is:

The barbed wire of the triangular section (or other cross section) edge with Barb is used for repeated puncture of the fiber net. When the barb crosses the fiber net, the fiber mesh surface and the local layer fiber are forced into the inside of the fiber net. Because of the friction between the fibers, the original fluffy fiber network is compressed. When the needle exits the fiber net, the Thorn enters the fiber bundle to leave the barb and leaves in the fiber net, thus, many fiber bundle entangled the fiber net makes it cannot restore the original fluffy state again. After many times of acupuncture, a considerable number of fiber bundles were stabbed into the fiber network, so that fibers in the fiber network intertwined, thus forming a certain strength and thickness of the needle-punched nonwoven materials.

Non-woven process has the form of pre-thorn, main thorn, pattern acupuncture, ring-type acupuncture and tube-type acupuncture.

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