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Needle-punched Nonwoven processing program
Nov 29, 2017

Is made of polyester, polypropylene raw materials, through the coarse comb, combing, pre-acupuncture, the main acupuncture. The center adds the mesh layer, then through the double channel nucleus, the air flow becomes the net acupuncture compound into the cloth, after the pressure filter cloth has three-dimensional structure, after the heat stereotypes, after singeing, the surface most by the chemical oil agent treatment, causes the filter cloth appearance to be smooth, the micro-pore distributes evenly, looks at the product density good from the surface, both sides surface smooth and the air permeability is good, In the plate-frame compressor to filter the use of proof, can use high-strength pressure, filtration accuracy up to 4 microns, according to the needs of users to provide polypropylene and polyester two raw materials. It is proved by practice that the nonwoven filter cloth has better performance in plate-frame pressure filtration: coal slime treatment and wastewater treatment of steel plant. In brewery, printing and dyeing plant wastewater treatment. If filter cloth with other specifications will appear filter cake pressure is not dry, and difficult to fall off the problem, with Non-woven filter cloth, filter cake in the pressure to reach 10kg-12kg when the filter is quite dry, and filter open frame when the cake will automatically fall off. Users in the choice of non-woven filter cloth, mainly based on the amount of air permeability, filtration accuracy, elongation, etc. to consider the different thickness, quality of non-woven filter, product parameters please point polyester needle felt and polypropylene needle felt, specifications can be formulated varieties.

Needle-punched nonwoven products are fine carding molding, multiple precision acupuncture or suitable hot-rolled treatment. Based on the introduction of two High-precision acupuncture production line at home and abroad, high quality fiber is selected. Through the different production processes, as well as the combination of different materials, the current market circulation of hundreds of different products, including: Geotextile, Geomembrane, corduroy, speaker blanket, blanket cotton, embroidery cotton, clothing cotton, Christmas crafts, human leather fabric, filter materials special cloth.

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