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Look at the performance of the Non-woven fabric moisture resistance
Nov 29, 2017

Non-woven fabric is a new type of environmental protection materials, and has been more and more used. Testing Non-woven Fabric There are many methods, such as thickness, pull, and so on, today we ask Non-woven manufacturers for us to talk about the moisture absorption of non-woven fabrics are the performance of it.

If it is a non-woven fabric used in the shed, it can reduce the water droplets on the leaves of the crop so that there will be no disease, or the decay of the fruit will be reduced. During the day through the sun's exposure, non-woven moisture will evaporate, at night can absorb the leaves evaporate out of water. Especially in recent years, has used Non-woven fabric coverage test, received the heat preservation effect is very good.

Through non-woven manufacturers of the explanation, for non-woven fabric moisture absorption performance is very clear.

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